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  1. Lalit kumar singh

    First thing first.. This is the best you can get under 50000 price tag
    Astonishing looks
    Premium parts used
    Best quality
    Head turner
    Great mileage. It has given me more than 80 km on a single go.
    Riding position is the best
    Rides smooth like a butter

    1. The buttons of screen controller are very hard and makes the screen vulnerable. It takes a lot of pressure to press them.
    2. The user manual provided with bike is wrong and does not contains the correct information. They need to update the manual
    3. I believe this is a design flaw. The entire battery unit is held up by only 2 small screws. This prevents it from bieng an MTB.
    I think this a major issue. You need some sturdy and stable battery holding mechanism which will release the tension from our mind and offer a good and fearless ride.

    A small request
    If you can do anything about my screen controller and get it changed.

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