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eTryst 350

What is the load bearing capacity of Etryst 350?

ETRYST 350 is having a load bearing capacity of150 kgs

What is the battery weight of Etryst 350?

The battery weight of Etryst 350 is 27 Kgs

Is there any mobile connectivity available in Etryst 350?

No, Etryst 350 doesn't have any mobile connectivity

How much torque will Etryst 350 produce?

Etryst 350 will produce a torque of 60 Nm

What is Gradability of Etryst 350?

16 Degrees

What is the Kerb weight of Etryst 350?

Kerb weight of Etryst 350 is 120 Kg

Whether the Etryst 350 battery is portable?

Currently it is not portable. But we are working on modular battery design which will facilitate battery removal.

Will Etryst 350 brakes come on foot like a normal bike?

Etryst 350 comes with hand brakes

What will be the time duration in getting 0 to 75 KMPH?

11.6 Sec

What is the tyre size of Etryst 350?

Front-80/100-18 & Rear-80/100-17

What is the charging time of Etryst 350?

Approximately 6 hours with 8A charger (4 hours with 15A charger)

What all are the colour variants in Etryst 350?

Three color variants available in eTryst 350

1. Sea Blue

2. Punch Black

3. Tan Red

How many keys and remote will be supplied on purchase of Etryst 350?

You will be provided with4 Keys along with 2 remotes

What is the charger output of Etryst 350

84V output

What are the accesories available with Etryst 350?

Mirrors, Saree guard, Leg guard, Rh side handle, Body cover, Helmets, Tool kit, Puncture kit, Seat cover, First aid kit

How much is the ground clearance of etryst 350?

198 mm

What is the mode wise speed & mileage variation in Etryst 350?

1. Drive (1st Mode) - 60 KMPH

2. Cross Over(2nd Mode) - 75 KMPH

3. Thrill(3rd Mode) - 85 KMPH

Speed Varies on road conditions and load on the vehicle

What is the air pressue in Etryst 350 tyres?

F-32 R-35 PSI

How many free and paid services will the company provide for etryst?

The company provides 4 free and 8 paid services for etryst. The warranty will be considered only when all the 4 free and 8 paid services are availed as per the given schedule from PURE EV authorized service centers.

What is the MCB rating of Etryst 350?

100 A

What is the lenght and height of Etryst 350?

Length 2040 mm, Height 770 mm

What is IP rating of eTryst 350?

IP 65

What is battery cell chemistry?

NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt)

What is the AH of battery in Etryst 350?


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