What is the top Speed of ETron+?

The top Speed of ETron+ is 25KMPH

How many kilometers ETron+ goes for per single charge?

ETron+ goes 60 KM per charge

What is the battery Capacity, life and warranty of ETron+?

500 Wh Portable battery. 2 years warranty

How much time it takes to charge the ETron+ battery fully? and how many units will it consume?

ETron+ battery take 3 hours to get fully charged

What type of battery used in ETron+?

Lithium Ion Batteries

Is there any No cost EMI facility available?

You need to check with your nearest dealer.

Do dealers have spare parts?


What is the body material?

Cast Iron

What is the weight of ETron+?

21 Kg

What are the tyre secifications?


Type of the tyre?

With tube

How many speed modes are available in PAS?


What are the standard accessories available for ETron+?

Mudguards, Mobile Holder, Tool kit, Light And Horn

What is the load carrying capacity ?

80 Kg

What is the wheel size of ETron+?

26 Inch

How much air do we need to fill?

F-18 R-20 PSI

What kind of braking system used for ETron+?

Front:Disc Rear:Disc with EBS

Can we charge the ETron+ electric bicycle externally without removing the battery from the vehicle?


What are ETron+ Motor specifications?


How many keys we will get for ETron+ electric bicycle?

2 No's

Do we have any Theft lock?


Standard Warranty on Motor?

1 Year

Standard Warranty on Controller?

1 Year

Does dealer have Spare battery?


Do I get a manual?


Can we puncture the rear tyre at normal mechanic shop?


Can we charge the battery at home?


How will I know the issue is specific to any major component?

Will have error codes for each issue in LCD screen

Which spanner will suit the Front wheel axle?


Which spanner will suit the Rear wheel axle?


What set of tools will I receive with these electric bicycle?

14*15, 17*18, 4mm Allen key

What are all the features available in the LCD Display

Speedometer, Odometer, SOC, Error Code, PAS Level

Do the performance is effect as the Battery get discharge and left with 25%

No, it's optimized in the BMS and controller level to reduce the current output in the last mile SOC, and so will reduce the speed. Currently, this is to ensure that Battery doesn't get overheated as the electrical resistance goes up with decrease in SOC and current will be limited as the heat generation is proportional to I^2 x R. Hence, to safeguard the performance and life of the battery, the current will be limited in the last mile SOC. However, we are further optimizing this to ensure better ride experience. This has been a continuous work for the R & D team of PURE EV.

Is seat adjustable for ETron+?


Do we have Horn for ETron+?


Do we have Light for ETron+?


How many mechanical gears available?

6 Shimano

Does we have reflectors?

Yes Front -white, Rear -Red

Do I need registration?


Can I wash the vehicle with Normal water

You need to refer to the manual for washing guidelines

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