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What is the load bearing capacity of ecoDryft ?

EcoDryft is having a load bearing capacity of 140 kgs

What is the battery weight of ecoDryft?

The battery weight of ecoDryft is 20 Kgs

What is The RPM of Motor For ecoDryft?

  • No Load: 638 RPM
  • 24Nm: 630 RPM
  • 40Nm:561 RPM
  • 125 Nm: 10 RPM
  • How much Torque will ecoDryft produce?

    ecoDryft will produce a torque of 40Nm

    What is the gradability of ecoDryft?

    12 Degrees

    What is the kerb weight of ecoDryft?

    Kerb weight of ecoDryft is 101 Kg

    What are the color variants available in ecoDryft?

    Currently, The Color Variants Available Are Red, Blue, Grey and Black

    How many keys and remotes will be supplied on purchase of ecoDryft?

    You will be provided with 4 keys along with 2 remotes

    What is the charger output of ecoDryft

    66.6V Output

    What are the accessories available with ecoDryft?

    Leg Gaurd, Sare Gaurd, Rh Footrest, Seat Cover, Tank Cover, Charger Holder, First Aid Kit, Toolkit, Puncture Kit, Helmet, Body Cover, Luggauge Holder

    How much is the ground clearence of ecoDryft?

    184 mm

    What is the air pressure in ecoDryft?

    F-32 R-35 PSI

    What is The service schedule of ecoDryft & paid charges as well?

    4 free and 8 paid services

    What is the MCB rating of ecoDryft?


    What is battery cell chemistry?

    NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt)

    What is the AH of battery in ecoDryft?


    Is Government subsidy available on ecoDryft bike?

    Fame 2 subsidy is not available but state subsidies applicable for some states. You can contact your nearest PURE EV dealer to get more information.

    What is the tyre size of ecoDryft?

    Front 80/100-18, Rear-80/100-17

    What type of tires does ecoDryft has?

    The ecoDryft has tubeless tires

    What is the maximum speed of ecoDryft electric bike?

    75 Kmph

    is RSA available for ecoDryft bike?

    Yes, RSA available on ecoDryft

    Can we water wash the ecoDryft?

    Yes, but with 25-30 PSI pressure (SOP To Be Follow)

    How much time ecoDryft battery will take to get fully charged?

    in 3 Hours - 20-80% and in 6 Hours 0-100%

    What type of braking system used in ecoDryft?

    Front - Disc, Rear - Drum

    What is the Price of ecoDryft vehicle?

    Ex-Showroom price of ecoDryft is 1,19,999/-**, State subsidies are applicable for some states. You can contact your nearest PURE EV dealer to get more information.

    What is The type motor and capacity?

    Hub Motor, 3KW (peak) and 2Kw (Nominal)

    What type suspension is there in ecoDryft?

    Front - Telescopic Dual Suspensions
    Rear - Coiled Spring Dual Suspensions

    Is ecoDryft battery AIS 156 Certified?

    Yes, ecoDryft battery is AIS 156 certified

    Does ecoDryft have Alloy wheels?

    Yes, ecoDryft electric bike have alloy wheels

    ecoDryft have regenrative braking system?

    Yes, ecoDryft have regenrative braking system

    Is smart lock available in ecoDryft vehicle?

    Yes, smart lock available in ecoDryft

    Is Parking mode available in ecoDryft?

    Yes, parking mode available in ecoDryft

    Does ecoDryft have reverse mode?

    No, as of now ecoDryft don't have reverse mode

    What is the mode wise speed in ecoDryft?

    There are 3 Modes available in ecoDryft
    1. Drive Mode - 45 Kmph
    2. Cross Over Mode - 60 Kmph
    3. Thrill Mode - 75 Kmph

    Is registration required for ecoDryft?

    Yes, ecoDryft is high speed electric bike so registration is mandatory for this vehicle

    Does ecoDryft have removable battery?

    ecoDryft comes with non removable battery

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